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As a child, I've always been struck by music. Playing in bands in my teenage years and learning how to record our songs. When growing older, maybe wiser, I wanted to pursue a career in the music industry and entered RITS, a school for audio-visual arts and engineering. Once graduated from this college I started working as a freelance live soundtech. Joining a great team and covering a wide variety of shows. After a while I organically ended up on stage, together with the musicians, as a monitor engineer. Mostly tucked away side-stage but nevertheless, felt at home mixing musicians wedge and/or in-ear mixes.

I've never stopped playing and recording but the main theme of the past years was focused on the live-side of the industry. Throughout my own journey, I discovered an amazing echo of learning myself. How to teach others to do what I do but mostly to inspire them to find their own path in the music industry. Be it as a musician, technician or both. Teaching gives me lots of enjoyment and some of my students have now surpassed me on some levels. This way it all comes full circle and I can start learning from them. With all this knowledge and experience I even ended up building some custom racks for touring and installs. All these different paths in the industry, exciting stuff!

With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, I have worked with interesting clients, bands and festivals. And I thought a lot of fellow enthusiasts. I’ve started my own academy, called AV School. This is a new adventure but I love to keep working the festivals or mixing and mastering in my own private studio.

I hope we meet on one of the many interesting paths in the music industry. And never forget, MUSIC IS A WAY OF LIFE!

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I’m specialized in mixing monitor wedges and in-ears for musicians on stage. Working with all brands of mixing desks and gear. I can provide my own setup if needed.


Ask me for mixing and/or mastering your tracks. I have my own private studio and am currently in the process of upgrading my acoustics and technical setup.


Come find me at AV School or contact me for private lessons. Together we can find the right solution for you. As our AV School motto rings, YOU LEARN, WE TEACH!


Looking for a custom rack for touring or a fixed install in your studio? Contact me for a solution to your vision and / or advice on how to get you there.

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